Success and Development of Entrepreneurs in Medical Equipment Sector Require Investment

Vice chairman of Medical Equipment Merchants Union said that success and development of entrepreneurs in Medical Equipment sector require strong and great investments.

IMEDPRESS reports that Ramin Fallah, vice chairman of Medical Equipment Merchants Union, has declared, in the first day of National Congress of Iran Medical Equipment, that the area of Medical Equipment is an expensive one. “Medical Equipment sector relates to advanced technologies, and science and expertise of the individuals involving in this sector are really expensive”, he added.

He explained: “In order to train and develop a technical expert in companies, 30- 50 million Tomans are spent, annually. This technical expert is trained in a way that he can provide, individually, the technical services for medical equipment”.

Emphasizing that Medical Equipment sector is an expensive one due to its addressees, Ramin Fallah declared: “The target consumers of medical equipment are physicians and doctors who are among the elites. In many cases, the surgeons do not do surgery in absence of a technical expert sent by the company”.

Fallah said: “Medical technology of Iran owes its development to Private Sector companies because they have started to import medical equipment, since several years ago, in order to gain profit for the country. These equipment and technologies are, of course, at people’ and health care systems’ service”.

Emphasizing that entrepreneurship in Medical Equipment sector is an expensive task, he added: “The entrepreneurs face many challenges and problems among which are issues about investment guarantee and return on investment. Since pricing is limited and profits are not high, the financial claims are not paid regularly and it threatens capital maintenance in companies”.

“Also, the training process is expensive. If the expenses are not paid and the companies cannot train physicians in congresses and conferences, literacy and expertise of the physicians will decrease and it hurts people’ health”, he added.

Ramin Fallah said: “We ask the government to pay the legal claims of the companies in order for them to keep on maintaining entrepreneurship, training and service-providing”.

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