We Have No Resources in Europe to Pay Switzerland for Drugs

Vice chairman of Medical Equipment Merchants Union has said about the mechanism of establishing a financial channel with Switzerland: “In Iran, the companies purchasing drugs pay the money to Iranian banks and these banks send the financial credit to the accounts in the banks of Switzerland. However, the main problem is that Iranian banks do not access to the resources required for the process of money transmission, in Europe”.

IMEDPRESS reports that Ramin Fallah, vice chairman of Medical Equipment Merchants Union, has said about the meeting with chairman of Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and director of Medical Equipment sector in Ministry of Health: “Yesterday, a meeting was held with three groups throughout which chairman of Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce announced that he is about to establish a financial channel to import drugs to Iran”.

“ Mr. Sharif Nezam Mafi declared that Switzerland has established a mechanism and structure for drug importation to receive it money from Iran. This structure is specific to pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland and does not cover medical equipment companies and other corporations in European Union”, he added.

Fallah restated: “Some of Iranian banks are talked to about the processes of money transmission among which two are likely to be selected. In Switzerland, also, BCP Bank is responsible for money transference”.

“In Iran, buyer companies pay the money to the Iranian bank and the bank sends money to an account in BCP Bank of Switzerland. However, the main problem is that Iranian banks has no resources in Europe to perform the process of money transference”, he explained.

Ramin Fallah added: “The other point is that even in case of access to the required resources, each of the sectors- i.e. the company that purchases drugs, the company that sells the drugs and the bank- are required to request for and receive some licenses from sanctions supervisory authorities. The process resembles the method of “Oil for Food” which is run in Iran, too”.

“The party in Switzerland tended to perform the process with Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency but Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran does not recognize these instruments. Therefore, the traditional methods are preferred. On the other hand, even if all these problems are resolved, we, the drug importers, do not have Rials to pay to the banks”, he declaired.

He said: “In medical equipment and drugs sectors, our financial claims against Ministry of Health have reached over 2.000 and 3.000 billion Tomans, respectively. On the other hand, the unfair approach of the Ministry to pricing has led to unpleasant situations in companies importing drugs and medical equipment”.

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